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A dream of mankind has been fulfilled: We live in a society where people get much older than ever before. How do we want to age? Who and where are our models for ageing?

Sabine Interview 1
This is me during an interview with my sister. © Peter Petrides

I am a film maker and journalist – and my big model is my grandmother who died at age 100. Almost until the end she lived by herself, and even when she had to be taken care of in a residence, she never lost her humour and her wisdom. I look forward to explore the new worlds of old age!

I have been working together with Ilona Kalmbach on a three-part documentary series for ARTE, The best is yet to come. We want to show people who are positive examples of ageing – with their active participation in society, with new forms of co-housing, with new love and relationships.

Who is born today has a 50 percent chance to live for 100 years. Why do we then rush through our life as if there was no tomorrow? Leaving school at 17, university at 22, get a job, get kids, midlife crisis at 40. Retirement at 65 – or a new start, as André Vallette shows us? Cruising through the mediterranean at 70 – or a new love, like Waltraud and Wilhelm? Sitting in your armchair at 80 – or still working for a better society, like Ursula Lehr? Still dancing at age 90, like Fe Reichelt? What do you think?

Sabine Jainski


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