Protest Generation 2018: Apathetic or radical?

We’ll Come United Parade in Berlin, September 2017 © Marvin Kalmbach

So what about young people? There are many more seniors in Europe than juniors – which means they do not count as voters, they are just too few. Politicians are more interested in seniors, who vote regularly. So how can young people engage politically – and defend the interests of their genereation? Watch our new documentary in arte on youth activism, 50 years after the revolts of 1968.

Protest Generation 2018: Apathetic or Radical?

A film by Sabine Jainski and Ilona Kalmbach
52 min, WDR / arte 2017
Tuesday, May 22 in arte around midnight (France 00:10, Germany 23:30 CET)

Here you can watch it in English on the internet – and there’s also a Spanish version available!

In the 1960s students across Europe and America took to the streets to rebel against dominant hierarchies, rigid institutions and war. Many were convinced that revolution was around the corner. 50 years on, what do the youth of Europe aspire to?